April 04, 2017

Do You Have a Loved One at Heritage Springs Memory Care Center?

Here are Some Tips to Use When Visiting Your Loved One!

Here at Heritage Springs Memory Care Center we understand that coming to visit a loved one can elicit various emotions. It may be difficult or sad. It may be very rewarding and joyful. You might enjoy visiting your loved one, but are feeling unsure whether they are having a good or bad day. You understand that they may not remember your, or may not understand the thing you say. What can you do to make sure you make the most of your visit? Here are some general tips and guidelines for your visit,

  • A person is more than just their memories or their specific ability to do certain things. Remember you are the link between your loved one’s identity as a whole including emotion concerns, and spiritual or social needs. 
  • Keep it simple. Your loved one may get overwhelmed and that’s ok. Just remember to keep conversation and tasks simple, and try tap into your loved one’s remaining strengths to create new moments of joy.
  • Try to find a quiet place to spend time together. Try to limit distractions.
  • Adjust your expectations. Live in the moment and be present. Your experience might be very different from when you used to visit.
  • Be flexible. You may have to do a different activity than last time you visited. What worked well last time may not work well this time.
  • Remember that your loved one may respond differently than they did the last time you visited. It’s important to know that this is the way that the disease progresses, and is not what you said or did.
  • If your loved one is angry or upset with you, don’t take it personally. Remember that quality of time together is better that quantity.
  • Begin by introducing yourself, using a favorite nickname, and addressing your loved one by their favorite nickname.
  • When awakening your loved one, try a gentle massage, a kiss, or a warm hello.
  • Visit as a third person. Instead of saying “Mom”, say her name.
  • Avoid conversations about the “here and now”, and instead focus on pleasant memories.
  • Give your loved one enough time to answer your question or respond to directions.
  • Consider your loved one’s interests, and discus what they might enjoy doing.

At Heritage Spring we are committed to making your visit with a loved one the most pleasant experience it can be. Our facility offers many quiet and intimate spaces to facilitate your visit, whether it be in your loved one’s room or one of our multiple lounge areas. Our expert staff can help facilitate your visit and assist you in anything you may need. We also offer many different scheduled activities for you and your loved one to participate in such as arts & crafts, Bingo, and live music events!