Memory Care Referrals

Memory Care Family Referrals

Many families have mixed emotions about moving their loved one into a memory care facility. On one hand, you know it’s the best option for their safety and wellbeing, and on the other, you are concerned about their happiness.

Rest assured. Heritage Springs was designed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. As a result, our program allows your loved one to live to their fullest potential, while keeping them safe and healthy. Our senior living community is nothing like facilities of the past. Striving to make the transition from lifelong home to community smooth, Heritage Springs creates a balanced environment of freedom and familiarity.

We work closely with residents, families and physicians to ensure all needs and concerns are being met. Our expert staff has the comprehensive capability to provide specialized medical and personal care services to residents with a variety of unique needs.

Wondering if Heritage Springs is the right option for your loved one? We welcome your referrals and inquiries. We can even help you understand your payment and insurance options. All you have to do is call: (570) 478-3558.

Memory Care Physician Referrals

As a community that specializes in the care of seniors with Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia, you can count on us to provide a continuum of care based off best practice standards and the latest research. Our skilled staff places high importance on open communication with the individual’s family physician to ensure that proper medication instructions and other medical needs are being met.

Our memory care program is designed to allow patients to live their fullest potentials, while keeping them safe and healthy in our magnetic locked secure facility. Daily activities and surroundings have been designed to provide a sense of familiarity for residents. Our aim is to make the transition from home to community as smooth as possible.

You know what’s truly best for your patient’s safety and wellbeing. When the physical and cognitive needs of patients require expert attention, you can turn to Heritage Springs. We have the comprehensive capabilities to provide specialized memory care, therapies and personal care services.

We welcome your referrals and the opportunity to serve your patients’ needs. To make a referral or to learn more, please call us at (570) 522-3671.