Caring for a family member or friend who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia is one of the most difficult tasks a person may experience in their lifetime.

The challenges and commitment it takes can even change your role from child to caregiver and decision-maker. On top of these new duties, it is also a very difficult emotional transition as you begin to slowly lose the loved one you know so well.

A Daunting task

The Challenges a Caregiver Faces

The Challenges a Caregiver Faces

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, caring for a person may not seem like a daunting task, but as the disease progresses, it can become overwhelming very quickly. Caregivers may begin to face a variety of challenges, from their loved one wandering outside of their home or leaving the stove on to forgetting to take their medications or taking too many. People afflicted with this disease may also become irritable, withdrawn or depressed. At this point, caring for loved ones at home can seem almost impossible.

That’s where Heritage Springs Memory Care can step in and help during this turbulent time. We understand the special needs this progressive disease demands. Even if you’re the best caregiver, someone suffering from Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia will often thrive better in a senior living community like Heritage Springs, because they are:

  • no longer alone or afraid
  • taking medications on time
  • eating and sleeping better
  • socializing and participating in activities
  • living in a safe environment
  • being treated for psychological, social, spiritual and physical needs
  • being helped and cared for closely 24 hours a day

Caregivers frequently feel guilty for moving their family member to a community, especially when they have been handling it at home for some time. That’s why Heritage Springs also offers support services and family counseling, if needed, to meet the family’s needs as well as the individual’s.

Heritage Springs provides a level of extensive support and comprehensive care that is difficult for many families to provide at home. Our community allows caregivers to get back to focusing on what’s really important: your emotional support and love.

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